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Kali 2.0

After quite some time the heros at Offensive Security released a new version of the well known Kali distribution.

Read below to find the news and how to install/convert it.

The new features in Kali 2.0

As per the Kali page.

  • Kali is now a "rolling distribution", means continously updating the Kali distro from the Debian Testing "after making sure that all packages are installable".
  • Kali is now based on Debian Jessie (4.0 Kernel)
  • Kali now natively supports KDE, GNOME3, Xfce, MATE, e17, lxde and i3wm. (the minimum RAM requirements for a full GNOME 3 session has increased to 768 MB)
  • Check the ready build VMware and VirtualBox images.
  • Upgrading from Kali 1.0 to Kali 2.0:
cat << EOF > /etc/apt/sources.list
deb sana main non-free contrib
deb sana/updates main contrib non-free

apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade # get a coffee, or 10.
  • The Metasploit Community/Pro package had to be removed by request from Rapid7 and now "only" the open-source metasploit-framework is added. But you can manually install the Pro version after installing it from the Rapid7 page.
  • Starting up the Metasploit Framework has slightly changed:
# Start the Postgresql Database
/etc/init.d/postgresql start

# Initialize the Metasploit Framework Database
msfdb init

# Run msfconsole