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Getting around in ghidra

The main aspect of dealing with gidra is to analyse the code and "reconstruct" the work and action the code does during it's excution. Reverting the funktions, calls and variables to human readable labels helps a lot to complete this target.

function graph view

Windows -> Function graph

Note the different colors of the arrows

green: conditional jump, condition is met

red: conditional jump, condition is not met.

blue: uncondition jump, end of block.


Windows -> Symbol references


conditional jump "jump if zero"

004047f6     TEST     EAX, EAX

Compare (read) the value of register EAX with itself. EAX usually hold the result of the function bevore.

004047f8     JZ       LAB_00404817

 JZ non-zero means SUCCESS

Hence, this means, if the above operation was successfull, jump to LAB_00404817